2009. július 27., hétfő

too faced

I swatched my new Too Faced Galaxy Glam in Mocha Meteor, and the Lip Bronzer in Snow Bunny. I love them!
The Galaxy Glam silver packaging is really cute, and great. I already dropped the shadow, and the little silver ball prevented it from craking. Mocha Meteor is very pigmented, smooth, and the finish is rahter lustre than frost. The base color is a darker milk chocolate brown swirled with a pearly light brown. When you apply the color, the two browns mix together and you get a sheer light brown, with warm undertones.

Snow Bunny is the lightest color of the three Lip Bronzers (the othert are Sunny Bunny and Pink Leopard). In the tube there is a white and a bronz side, and when you squeze it both come out, mix together, and give your lips a light bronzed look with a lot of shine and gold pearls.

The photo isn't the best, but I try to do some other swatches to capture the shine of the eyeshadow.

2 megjegyzés:

em írta...

looks great! I love too faced :)

babicsek írta...

looks much better in life,the photo is crappy:S i'm a beginner,i have to learn a lot:D

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